Djé – 1 Visie, 1 Missie (+ download)



Save to say this following track will rock! Hehehe.

Djé – a young Flemish rapper – recently picked out a beat from my Rock Beattape to rap about his mission and vision on life.
For the peeps who don’t know Flemish that well, the track is about him making his own decisions and working hard to create the life he dreams of.That’s the real deal!

Check out the track and download it for free here.

Thanks for the dope lines on my beat, Djé!

More about Djé:

The tape has been out for a while now, but this way it stays hot.
Found some beats you like on my Beattapes? Hit me up and we’ll make it work.

your beatmaker and producer


About Freddie D
Hiphop muzikant. Freddie D brengt je stevige hiphop met zachte refreintjes. Check alle muziek via Yeayä!

2 Responses to Djé – 1 Visie, 1 Missie (+ download)

  1. Thanks man! Looking forward to collaborate more in the future!


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