Vinyl market is growing again. The facts and the numbers.

Save vinyl: buy it, play it, save it.LP’s are beautiful. They look very good on shelves and the paper cover itself makes it very apealing. Playing records is not just pushing buttons, no it is an experience.
Next to the many, many records I dug out of euro bins to sample from, there are some new twelve inches as well. And I am not the only one:

In 2006 about 20K records got sold in Belgium. In four years sales have doubled to 42K. Now that sounds better, right? Hehehe.
US sales grew from 0,9mln pieces in 2006 to a stunning 2,8mln in 2010. Some believe this year there will be sold up to 3,6mln vinyl records!

Vinyl sales are about 1% percent of total music sales, but that’s irrelevant really since the phenomenon ‘vinyl’ is mostly (sub)genre specific.
The past few years I heard mainly scared voices. The industry is still dramatically changing, but this is can only open perspectives for new ideas and concepts. A simple crystal box and silk screend cd’s are much cheaper, thus less risk. But is the profit as good? Is it artistically as satisfying?

Is vinyl an answer to declining sales?
Everybody who sells products knows that the value for the customer isn’t just important, it is everything! ‘What value does this purchase add to my life?’ is what you, me and everybody else is constantly asking himself.
An mp3 download is very convenient, but not pretty, not artistic and not cool.
Cd’s are okay, but a bit outdated, isn’t it? Some get scratched easily and the boxes wear out fast.
Here’s where LP’s pick up. The cover artwork is BIG and BOLD. Some albums are true pieces of art. The artwork is very enjoyable on the 0,62 square meters format of the cover.
Stores are picking up the trend. For example: lowlands based store Free Record Shop has recently decided to start selling vinyl and will be offering 14 000 titles trough its online store.

Vinyl can offer something unique. Something people are willing to pay for.
The biggest challenge is to make an original package that stands out and to identify the people that would buy vinyl.
I don’t think Britney Spears fans are waiting for her to release an LP. Hehehe.

I hope this will help you to grow your album sales.

your beatmaker and producer

sources: de Morgen – Free Record Shop – Digital Music News


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  1. onetwod says:

    What a lively discussion on this Flemish Homerecording forum!

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