Kaiser Chiefs release: One day fly or the new standard?

In my previous post I talked about how vinyl can help you grow album sales.

Now Kaiser Chiefs came up with a very nifty idea to make sure people will buy their album instead of downloading it illegally for free: on the website of the band you can create your own Kaiser Chiefs album!

You have the opportunity to select your favourite songs and make your own artwork with given elements. All in a beautiful environment.

For the fair price of £7,50 (currently €8,5 or $12) the customer gets exactly the product it wants.

I believe this is more than a one day fly.

In the near fututure  hope to see a platform that makes this feature possible for smaller bands. Coding this yourself is pretty hard or expensive I’m afraid.

Lees het Vlaamse artikel uit de Tijd hier. (Flemish newsarticle)

A screenshot of the website:

On this screenshot you see how to select the tracks.


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