YouTube tip: It takes few, to get views.

Everybody knows that it takes money to make money. Now it appears to be, that you also need views on YouTube to make views on YouTube…

I noticed the following this morning about my YouTube views.
My first beatmaking video crawled slowely to a hundred, later to two hundred views in about five months.
After my second beatmaking video was online for only a few hours it already had over sixty views!
Nice, people finally understand the dopeness of the ONE TWO D vibe! Hehehe.
Back ontopic.
I did get a few extra subscribers since the last video, but not more than five so that couldn’t have made the difference.

It seems that the more ‘credibility’ you build on YouTube, the easier your video’s seem to pop up in search results, related video’s, etc.
I’m no tech guy, maybe one reading can tell something about the coding behind this one?
Nonetheless it wont harm you to release video’s once in a while.
In order to get extra customation features on YouTube you’ll have to have a number of video’s, views and regularely upload new content anyway.

If this tip doesn’t get you enough extra views (can you ever?), than be on the lookout for a post about maximazing the return on a video upload by plugging it on interresting websites.

Go get those extra views!



About Freddie D
Hiphop muzikant. Freddie D brengt je stevige hiphop met zachte refreintjes. Check alle muziek via Yeayä!

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