5 tips to get more time for making music

A while ago my chick left for a month to study abroad. It left me with some extra time or at least it re-arranged my schedule. It made me think about some of my tips ‘n tricks which I use to get more time for making music. I posted these on my MySpace blog, but decided to share it with you again.

Making music is a time consuming hobby because not only do you need to be in the zone to get the inspiration going, you also need to promote your music and be on point when it comes to getting new gear or booking shows. To ease up your life I will share some of my tips ‘n tricks to get the most out of your time and make music!

tip one: go on the go
When you make beats it doesn’t really matter if you are thinking of melodies while driving a car or walking. But when you are writing raps or any other lyrics it is important that you can write them down immediately before you forget them.
Do not drive yourself or walk, but take a bus instead so you’re able to write without crashing into something.
Basic needs are a a smartphone with a full keyboard and mp3 function. Off course you could also stick to your old Walkman, blocnote and fine marker. Old skool. Hehehe.

tip two: Give me a break!
Get a laptop or get your files online so you can work on a lunch break or in between appointments. Any time you have to spare you can use for music.
If everything is left at your house you’ll never be able to work on the go. Plus when you can use wifi to upload a video, check out MySpaces or send 20 e-mails without breaking your fingers on a phone keyboard. Note that you could also do this on dull moments in between breaks 😉
I prefer to do all ‘business and social like’ things during the day and on the move. So that when I am home I can just focus on working in the homestudio and make beats.

tip three: multi’s
Not just the rhyme scheme works, if you put ‘multi’ in front of ‘tasking’ you get a pretty nifty way to make yourself more productive.
When I am on the phone I am also updating a status, uploading a new beat or anything else that needs to be done. (Friends, now you now why I seem so thoughtful before I answer. Hehehe.)
Maybe you work by yourself during the day. This is a perfect occasion to bust some freestyles and brush up the rap skills. No seriously, just try it!
Any other combination of tasks is possible.

tip four: jamming
Jamming? Isn’t that a waste of time instead of a focused way to create songs?
Nah man, jamming or collaborating with fellow musicians actually makes songwriting and beatmaking allot more productive. When you are low on inspiration, someone else will kick in and work on the song and vice versa.

tip five: to-do lists
Making to-to lists will reveal which tasks are important, super urgent, sometime in the future needed and rubbish.
Scratch those in to the two last categories. Plan the ones that are important for the coming week(s) and do the super urgent, super right away.
As a bonus: a to-do list will help not to forget important deadlines.

bonus tip: leave it
Is it hard to find the right words and impossible to come up with a melody?
Than leave the music for a moment. Heck, leave it for the rest of the day if necessary.
There is no use in spending your time on something that won’t work anyway.
Go out for a drink instead and meet new contacts. You might get inspiration from the songs the dj is playing.

Good luck getting more productive making beats and writing raps!
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What do you do to get more time for making music?
Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks. I’ll be happy to post them in a follow-up blog.


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Hiphop muzikant. Freddie D brengt je stevige hiphop met zachte refreintjes. Check alle muziek via www.yeaya.be Yeayä!

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